Support for Business

As Langley Associates develops we are taking the opportunity to branch out in to supporting businesses as well as schools. We recognise the need for training options for small, medium or large businesses. James has already worked with a number of businesses providing bespoke training matched to their needs. These include:-

  • Evolve Health Mentors - he was invited to guest speak at their national conference and trained over 100 members of staff about digital professionalism and the safe use of social media
  • British Military in Germany - he was asked to provide geocaching training at on their bases at Bielefeld, Germany
  • A charitable museum group based in Calderdale - he provided geocaching training for numerous museum services and charities to enhance their provision
  • A rambling society in Ilkley - he was asked to provide a historical walking route using GPS on Ilkley Moor. 

The services Langley Associates can provide include:-

  • Providing staff training in the effective and safe use of social media to boost advertising and make the businesses' web presence stronger
  • ​Staff training in how to stay digitally professional
  • ​Organise fun team building/family events.

​Please feel free to contact us to discuss any ideas.